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AKB48 General Election 2015 is over!


  09:33:00 am, Categories: Idols

The top had a few surprises like every year, and so many more votes than last year!
I'm happy that Sasshi became no. 1 again, and Sakura entered the Kami 7 at no. 7!!

Takahashi Minami made a huge jump up to no. 4, the highest she's ever been. Her call to be no. 1 one more time before she graduates had certainly helped, but it was not enough. Because she jumped to no. 4 a few other members had to drop down like Matsui Jurine to no. 5 and Yamamoto Sayaka to no. 6. Seem like my prediction was quite correct except for that unexpected no. 4 from Takamina.
I hoped for it but I wasn't expecting it that Sakura actually jumped over Paruru who actually dropped 2 places. Also Watanabe Miyuki re-entering the senbatsu was very nice. Kitahara Rie back in senbatsu too.
Some good stuff for HKT48 as well, Haruppi coming at no. 17, while just out of senbatsu, she did become center for the Under Girls. Anai Chihiro at no. 33, another center for the Next Girls. Sakaguchi Rikopi made a huge leap from no. 60 to no. 37! Also some new members ranking like Kojina Yui (with a hilarious speech), Okada Kanna, Ueki Nao and Fuchigami Mai. Moriyasu Madoka dropped several places, and Murashige and Komada dropped out of top 80 though, but all other members did better: Meru, Mio, Rabu-tan.

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