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  09:33:00 am, Categories: Idols
The top had a few surprises like every year, and so many more votes than last year! I'm happy that Sasshi became no. 1 again, and Sakura entered the Kami 7 at no. 7!! Takahashi Minami made a huge jump up to no. 4, the highest she's ever been. Her call… more »

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After the announcement that Idoling!!! will all be graduating in October this year, I just had to make the most of it. So I'm planning to go to both TOKYO IDOL FESTIVAL 2015 in August and to Idoling!!!'s 15th & final Live at the Nippon Budokan in… more »

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  10:46:00 am, Categories: Idols , Tags: akb48, general election, senbatsu sousenkyo
Some of my thoughts and predictions for this year's Senbatsu Sousenkyo for the 41th single. Only 2 days to go now and everything is starting to heat up. 4 of last year's top 16 will not be participating so that's 4 new spots to fill (Matsui Rena,… more »

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  05:35:36 pm, Categories: J-Pop & J-Rock, Idols, Tokyo 2011 (New Year)
Gotten my pre-ordered singles the 27th, had them sent to my hotel, so I had 2 handshake tickets in my pocket, so I went off early to Odaiba. I arrived about 1.5 hours before the exchange of the tickets and got off at the stop at Venus Fort. Since Mega… more »

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  12:44:53 pm, Categories: Idoling!!!
This episode shows part of their second Shinahachi Live in NGK in Osaka. And this time we're the highly anticipated live performances of Yarakai Heart, Queen Bee ~Shoujo no jidai kara~ and Ichikoi. The fourth song was the old song "friend". The episode… more »

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  12:44:44 am, Categories: Idoling!!!
And they've fooled the girls again thinking it was going to Zeiin Itadakimasu Quiz. But it's the graduation episode of chief AD Nishida, this time called Nishi-yan ^^. And Masuno is singing again to the song played in the background xD Uematsu AD also… more »

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  12:35:46 am, Categories: Idoling!!! , Tags: idoling dodgeball
One Member Idoling!!! Wars: Dodgeball: #24 Nomoto Manami more »

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  03:02:57 pm, Categories: Idoling!!!, Tokyo 2010 (New Year)
Arrived in Akihabara at 9h30, strolling around a bit to kill the time. 10h: Ishimaru store opens, and go up to 5F to get and pay my 2 dvds. Was standing around a bit to see what others were doing. Didn't learn much so I just took my printed email and… more »

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  04:19:00 pm, Categories: Idoling!!!, Tokyo 2010 (New Year)
Today's Shinahachi Live started just a little late, and both Idoling and YGA members came on stage to do their New Years greeting. Then after a few talks, this Shinahachi Live started with the Idoling part first! They started off with Eve. From what I… more »

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  10:55:02 am, Categories: Idoling!!!, Tokyo 2010 (New Year)
So today has finally come, New Years Eve, the day of Idoling!!!'s two 9th Live concert and a Countdown Live concert! Had met up early at 8am with my friend kei from Malaysia to be early at the concert hall as the sale of the goods would start at 10am… more »

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You should ask for Rurika’s goods to that Japanese for me T_T

01/02/11 @ 04:34

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  11:42:35 pm, Categories: Idoling!!!
Seems like Idoling!!! will be releasing their first Blu-ray disc of their latest concert at C.C. Lemon in Shibuya and other backstage footage in Okinawa Manza Beach. Which will apparently be in 3D as well as in 2D! To be released on December 24rd… more »

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  11:44:13 pm, Categories: Idoling!!!
Idoling's 14th single and 4th single release this year, after Sense of Wonder, Me Niwa Aoba Yama Hototogisu Hatsukoi and Poolside Daisakusen, the new single will be called "Eve" and be released on November 23rd 2010. It will be released in three… more »

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