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I passed JLPT level 4!


I passed JLPT level 4!

  11:23:53 am, Categories: Main blog, Japanese Language

Yeay, I passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test level 4!! (Level 4 is the lowest level, but still ;p) I got my official certificate in the mail today. I wasn't expecting it so early, because they said it would probably be around the beginning of March.

My scores:
Part 1: Kanji & Vocabulary: 85 / 100
Part 2: Listening: 71 / 100
Part 3: Reading & Grammar: 130 / 200

Total: 286 / 400 = 71.5% (and you need 60% to pass the test)

The statistics for the last test are not yet on the JLPT website.

But I'm so happy that I got it, because I wasn't sure about whether I would pass or not, but I even made it with 11.5% above it ;p Now, on to level 3. I now know a bit more what I must focus on, which is for example, to quickly recognize from what verb a conjugated form comes. Because I know how to form that conjugation, but to do the reverse quickly is very important, especially for the listening test and the grammar, as you don't have heaps of time to think. I had already started on my kanji for level 3 last month, the rest is during the course of the year, and hopefully I will pass again for the exam on December 7th.


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I still haven’t gotten my results :(

02/29/08 @ 20:36

lol…me too…but my score was 251..and i hardly studied for it……maybe a little…

and gd luck for jlpt 3!

03/01/08 @ 07:36
Comment from: John Boom  
5 stars

Way to go and good luck for #3!
I am still studying for 4, how many hours
do you think you studied for 4?

03/02/08 @ 15:33
Comment from: ryuu-chan  
4 stars

i was completely forgotten that i have sat for JLPT 3 kyuu last december (2 dec 2007), one day my father called me to tell that the result had been posted to my house and fortunately i passed the exam (i was shocked bcz i thought that i didnt give my full effort for the prep classes and the exam itself; as i was always feared of the listening paper)..though i didnt passed with flying colours i still managed to score more than 300 marks. but this year i may be able to take JLPT 2 kyuu exam as i want to struggle for my university thesis. here’s my results:-
- JLPT 4 (2006) = 313/400
- JLPT 3 (2007) = 309/400
for both papers, i was slacked at listening, i didnt have any problem with my kanji (you have to learn hundreds of them but only 20 kanji will be tested in the exam)..well, i’m from malaysia actually..hehe..
for those who will be taking JLPT, plz give your very best shot for the exam! ganbatte kudasai!

04/18/08 @ 20:25
Comment from: barbie

where did you get the result?

02/18/09 @ 02:35
Comment from: Rahima  
4 stars

Konbanwa.This is Rahima.I want to sit at jlpt level 3 this year.Are you sitting for level 3 this year? Can u suggest me some web addresses which will be helpful for level 3.Specially listening section.Your site is too good.
Keep in touch.


03/22/09 @ 06:06
Comment from: Dau Ze
3 stars

Wow ,
this score is nice
and last year 2008 December
i sit JLPT exam as level 4
and i got just 330, but i feel a little bit shame ‘cause in our 5 friends my marks is the lowest one
and one of my friends got 383/400
another one got 381 and next got 376 and next got 335 and i got just 330
but i am trying hard to sit exam again for level 3 this year 2009


08/24/09 @ 09:06
Comment from: joan

hi congrats youve pass do you have any tips on how to pass this exam im taking this dec thanks

10/10/09 @ 20:31
Comment from: Lissa
4 stars

Can anyone tell me how much do we have to pay to sit for jlpt????

01/04/11 @ 14:50

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