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Category: "Foreign movies in Japan"


  12:49:45 pm, Categories: Foreign movies in Japan
I was glad to see that such a big and very good movie had some very recognizable scenes in Japan :-) General info Title: Inception Year: 2010 Languages: English and some Japanese Actors: Leonardo Dicaprio, Ken Watanabe, Joseph Gordon-Levith, etc.… more »

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  08:29:57 am, Categories: Foreign movies in Japan
Finally did the second entry of this category. Have been forgetting to get more movies here. Anyway, here's the second one, I saw yesterday: Shutter. General info Title: Shutter Year: 2008 Languages: Engelish and some Japanese Actors: Joshua… more »

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  10:33:32 am, Categories: Foreign movies in Japan
As a first film in this new section of my blog, I chose Wasabi with Jean Reno. I've seen many other foreign films that take place in Japan, but this is the last one I saw, the rest will follow later. General info Title: Wasabi Year: 2001 Languages:… more »


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Comment from: David  
4 stars

That girl plays also in the jdrama called “Summer snow".

I liked the movie, since it’s one of Luc Besson’s movies. (Leon is pretty good, and the taxi series)

A lot of Japanese people have an interest in French, so they take French class or move to France, Belgium to live there. If you go to Brussels or Paris, you’ll see what I mean. ;)

In Antwerp there are quite a few Japanese people too if I remember right, but that’s another thing. :)

01/14/08 @ 15:10
Comment from: peter  

I like Leon & the Taxi series as well.
I should check out “Summer Snow” ^^;

Well, if there are so many Japanese in Belgium, I don’t see many, they’re mostly Chinese. And I live near Antwerp, so I’d like to know where ;p

01/14/08 @ 16:55
Comment from: David  

If you want to see Summer snow, check here:

Direct download ;-)

Well, it says so in the national register last time I looked. Most live in Brussels tho.

ps. In het engels praten tegen een andere belg is raar haha :D Groeten uit Finland!

01/15/08 @ 07:05
Comment from: peter  

Thanks for the links David!

ps. Kweetet, ma de rest moet et ook verstaan he ;p

01/16/08 @ 10:57
5 stars

Very nice article. Thanks..

02/28/09 @ 02:15

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  10:04:22 am, Categories: Foreign movies in Japan
I love watching movies and if they take place in Japan, it's even better. In this section I will make some reviews about foreign non-japanese movies that take place in Japan. I will also try to give some details about errors with Japanese culture, well… more »

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