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Suzumiya Haruhi 1/8 scale figure photo shoot


Suzumiya Haruhi 1/8 scale figure photo shoot

  10:49:19 am, Categories: Main blog, Figures

Okay, my first real photo shoot of figures is done. It may not look very good, and my lightning conditions were crap, but I had to work with what I've got. The shots at the window should have been taken from the outside in stead of the inside... But I'll do them again later when I have more time.
I also took the opportunity to take pictures of my other (few) figures as well. I didn't have any decent pictures of them yet. I will post these in a few days.
These pictures where taken with a Canon Powershot A70, quite an older model but with many options for a point-and-shoot camera. I should get me some decent camera as I already have this one for more than 3 years, maybe I should get me a Canon EOS ;p

Okay, enough with all the talking here are the picture. Click on them to see full size.


Pointy finger

Haruhi's back side

Haruhi in control


Full body shot

Nice close-up

Change of hand

You WILL join the S.O.S. Dan!

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Comment from: Danny

Nice pics. The low angles ones are teasing ^^;

08/09/07 @ 05:06

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