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Photoshoot: 5 nendoroids (with new Canon EOS 450D)


Photoshoot: 5 nendoroids (with new Canon EOS 450D)

Here's the result from my photo shoot form last Sunday. It features my 2 latest nendoroids (Nagato Yuki and Pastel Ink) and another nendoroid which I hadn't photographed yet (Asahina Mikuru) and the ones I already had (Suzumiya Haruhi and Hatsune Miku). I shot these pictures with my new camera, a Canon EOS 450D (my first DSLR, you can read more about that in a previous post). I always try to funny stuff and make a little bit of story out of my photo shoots with figures. And as nendoroid are very good for that because they are somewhat poseable and have several extra parts and faces to use. But of course, figmas are even better for that, but I haven't got any of those.

Here's a group pic before we begin:

(The next page has a lot of pictures but they are all quite small, they link to bigger pics though)

Nagato is peacefully reading her book:


Mikuru joins in for some chatter:

Then Haruhi barges in again...

Forcing Mikuru-chan to do stuff again:

But then Yotsuba suddenly appears:

But Yotsuba is pissed off for some reason:

Really pissed off!

Mikuru-chan gets scared:

But she tries to rescue everybody with the Mikuru-bean:

But fails and falls on the ground:

Now Yotsuba turns to the rest:

Both Haruhi...

and Nagato, who didn't pay attention, are put down!

But there comes another magical girl to try and save the day: Pastel Ink:

But even she gets in trouble:

And doses off on a chair because she used up too much energy:

Last but not least, appears Hatsune Miku:

who knocks down Yotsuba with her mighty leek:

Group shot:

Haruhi ordered some dress switching:

Final group shot:

And some individual shots:

And the obligatory pantsu shot ^^;

I will probably reshoot some of my previous photo shoots with my other figures as I know have a much better camera, but that's for later. Enjoy these pics for now, hope you like them :)


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Comment from: Justin
4 stars

Haha, really made my day! Nice one, Peter.

The Yotsuba is the one from Revoltech, am I right? Seems wrongly placed, but nice touch. Especially with Moetan in the mix! ^o^

Oh yeah, want to exchange blog links? I would love to keep track of your blog!

09/24/08 @ 22:28
5 stars

man… hahahhaaa

“But then Yotsuba suddenly appears”
with an ice cream in his hand… lolololol the hell!

and yes, thanks for the last shot… lol! fan service!

09/26/08 @ 09:01
Comment from: peter  

Hehe, yeah well, you need something sudden to make a story ;p

Oh, is Yotsuba a boy? looks more like a girl ;p

09/26/08 @ 15:26
5 stars

ah sorry, a girl :X

09/26/08 @ 20:28

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