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New stuff arrived!


New stuff arrived!

  10:00:10 am, Categories: Anime, Figures, J-Pop & J-Rock

Have gotten 2 packages in the last 2 weeks (one last week, one today).

Last week I got a small package with some cd's & dvd's from YesAsia:
- Hirano Aya - Riot Girl (CD Album)
- Macross Frontier OST 1 (CD Album)
- Ayumi Hamasaki - Countdown Live 2007-2008 DVD

The Countdown Live concert was already out a few month, but due to circumstances, I bought just now. I loved the OST form Macross Frontier so I decided to buy it and the same goes for the Hirano Aya album. Whenever I really like something, I buy it to support the artists.

Today I got a bigger package, this time from Hobby Link Japan:
- a dakimakura with Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
- a towel with Yoko from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
- a T-Shirt from Black Lagoon
- a Revoltech figure of Yotsuba

I always wanted to have a dakimakura (even if it wouldn't lay in my bed) and I really Yoko and it's not too provocative like some other dakimakura, I decided to buy this one.
The towel I had expected to be a little bit bigger though ;p
The t-shirt from Black Lagoon is great, it has the same tattoo on the arm as Revy and has the 2 cutlass berettas on the side. I think it's a great & original design. This is also the t-shirt that I mentioned last year in this post, I finally got it! ;p If you want it, you can still get it at Hobby Link Japan but it's getting low in stock or is being re-stocked.
And the posable revoltech figure of Yotsuba was just too cute ;p

Will have some pictures up later though ;p

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