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Lucky Star Nendoroid figures


Lucky Star Nendoroid figures

  02:51:11 pm, Categories: Figures

Seems like they are finally going to appear. After a long series of Suzumiya Haruhi figures, the Lucky Star anime is next, which I recon will be along list as well.
Lucky Star starts off with 2 nendoroid figures (Konata Izumi & Hiiragi Kagami), and 2 more as unpainted preview (Akira-sama & Shiraishi Minoru). There also seem to be special Chara Ani versions of the first two. The release date for the first 2 figures is somewhere in January 2008, other info is unknown. Will definitely buy them! Nendoroids are so cute, but of course I also want a full size 1/8 figure of Konata ;p

Konata Izumi nendoroid figure Hiiragi Kagami nendoroid figure

First up is Konata Izumi, the embodyment of the female otaku. She reads tons of manga, watches anime and plays games, even eroge ;p. She likes to tease Kagami and copy her homework ;p
Like every nendoroid she has several facial expressions and also a chair to sit on ;p

Chara Ani version, Izumi eating a chocolate roll and holding an SOS dan bag:

Second is Hiiragi Kagami, the tsundere shrine maiden ;p. She's good at school, but also likes to read light novels very much and play games (but not to that extend of Konata ;p)
Also, several faces &

Chara Ani version, Kagami eating Pocky & different face:

Lastly, there were some unpainted previews of 2 other characters: Shiraishi Minoru & Akira-sama from Lucky Channel:

The news about these figures was brought to me by a post of Danny Choo, thank you ;p. He found it on the Lucky Star & Chara Ani & this site.

See also on or for the latest info on Nendoroids & Figma.

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