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Ayu merchandise & Tokyo


Ayu merchandise & Tokyo

  03:05:03 pm, Categories: Main blog, Ayumi Hamasaki

My Ayumi Hamasaki merchandise is finally going to arrive, after waiting 2 months, it is now under way from Japan. (akibado is slow, which I also mentioned in my previous post, but they said they had a sudden large amount of customers)
Meanwhile I've had 3 more ayupans, and 2 more are under way.
The planning for my trip to Tokyo at the end of october is going nicely. I have found a traditional ryokan for the first 3 nights, but now only a normal hotel for the other 3 nights (may have one, but looking for others too). Got a nice anime/manga guide for Akihabara, so that's covered :p. Been planning visits to several parks, temples and big shopping districts like Shibuya, Shinjuku & Akihabara. So that's nice under way.
Will update the blog when I get my Ayu stuff ;p

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