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Macross Frontier OST 2: Nyan Tora CoverThe second OST from the hit anime Macross Frontier was just released and it's another masterpiece combining pop songs from Sheryl and Ranka and the orchestral soundtrack from Yoko Kanno. This is my attempt at a little review of all the songs.

  1. Yoko Kanno - Prologue F
    Orchestral intro song with a good climax.
  2. Sheryl Nome feat. May'n - Northern Cross
    The second (major) ED from the anime.
  3. Nakajima Megumi & Sheryl Nome feat. May'n - Triangler
    A duet version of Triangler. May'n proves again what a good voice she has. The song has also a nice different intermezzo in the second half.
  4. Yoko Kanno - School Life
    A song that was feature in the first episode finally made it to the OST. It's a song with a good rhythm in it and playful
  5. Yoko Kanno - Transformation
    Orchestral track with a nice techno bass and electric guitar. It shows that these completely different instruments can be combined to make something good. Also features a returning melody from the previous OST.
  6. Nakajima Megumi - Anata no Oto
    A sweet song from Megumi.
  7. Yoko Kanno - Test Flight Delight
    A fun playful orchestral track.
  8. Nakajima Megumi - Seikan Hikou
    Ranka's debut single song. Still one of her best songs.
  9. Yoko Kanno - Inu Mimi Rank
    Another playful song, and the title means Dog Ear Ranka ^^
  10. Sheryl Nome feat. May'n - Yousei
    A slow ballad from May'n, which I think is the song she sang in the night club, when she was searching for her real self and not being Sheryl Nome.
  11. Yoko Kanno - Tsuioku no Trumpet
    A short orchestral song featuring a trumpet soloist.
  12. Sheryl Nome feat. May'n - Shinkuu no Diamond Crevasse
    A special version of Diamond Crevasse, the first half has a nice unplugged feeling to it, which glides into the second half of the original song.
  13. Nakajima Megumi - Ai Oboete Imasuka ~ bless the little queen
    Still a wonderful old nostalgic song for fans of the Macross series. This time in a wonderfully dreamy version sung by Megumi.
  14. Nakajima Megumi - Ao no Ether
    A very nice ballad sung by Megumi. I don't remember this song being featured in the anime, so it might be on this OST only.
  15. Yoko Kanno - is this LOVE?
    This seems like a return to the type of music Kanno made for Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex. Electronic beats combined with some orchestral elements. (The song also has nothing to do with song from Ayumi Hamasaki with the title ^^)
  16. Yoko Kanno - shadow of Michael
    A beautiful slow song about the death of Michael, which I'm sure would make Klan Klan cry. Another masterpiece of Kanno.
  17. Nakajima Megumi - Aimo O.C.
    A very dramatic orchestral version of Aimo sung by Megumi, played during the final battle.
  18. Yoko Kanno - Battle Frontier
    There aren't many orchestral tracks like the previous OST, but is another good one with a lot of sounds of suspense and victory. At end some previous melodies are nicely interwoven with this song.
  19. Sheryl Nome feat. May'n & Nakajima Megumi & Sakamoto Maaya - Nyan Nyan Service Medley~Lion~Infinity~Watashi no Kare wa Pirate~Diamond Crevasse~Seikan Hikou~What 'bout My Star?~Lion~Ai Oboete Imasuka (can it be any longer ;p)
    A 7.5 minute long medley of all the great songs with a nice touch of old with Watashi no Kare wa Pirate. A similar medley was also used during the final battle. First we get all short pieces of all the songs in the title after each other, then we get several songs mixed together. It all fits together as if it was planned in advance ;p. The medley is ended with a lullaby version of Aimo.
  20. Yoko Kanno - Protoculture
    Another of Kanno's songs with a GITS:SAC touch to it. It's as if Ai-kun is flying around you.

I don't know if Yoko Kanno has made movie soundtracks like these before, but she sure is capable of reaching Hollywood level with these.
I also think this will really jump start the singing carreer May'n aka Nakabayashi Maya. She had release a few R&B songs before, but with these songs she really proved her singing voice.
This is certainly also a good debut for Nakajima Megumi, as this was her first voice acting work and as a singer.
This OST is a good follow-up on the previous OST, and I recommend it (although I still think the first OST was the best one).

Yack Deculture!

Buy on YesAsia: Macross Frontier Original Soundtrack 2: Nyan Tora


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After seeing the first episode of Macross Frontier at the end of last year, I was very impressed both by the visuals and by the music. Since about 2 months now the series has kicked off and I must say the visuals keep me amazed. I love the way the concerts and music of Sheryl are combined with the life & death fights that Alto is facing in space. Combining this with a love triangle between Alto, Sheryl and Ranka. And btw, I think Ranka's cell phone is awesome, you'll have to see it for yourself ;p

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