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A Best 2 !


A Best 2 !

  07:16:12 pm, Categories: Main blog, Ayumi Hamasaki

Just got another package in the mail from Japan! Ayumi Hamasaki's second best-album called A Best 2 -white- & -black-. So this is 2 versions! White being the more happy/pop songs, and black being the more 'sad' songs. These were the CD+2DVD versions, which included 2 dvds in both. The first dvd contains the PVs from the songs, and the second dvd contained the latest Countdown Live concert on the white edition, and a documentary on the last countdown live on the black edition.
And I won a poster from A Best 2 as well! There were 200 winners for those who pre-ordered with cdjapan, so I'm quite lucky ;). I was surprised that the package was so big, so I thought I must have won something. But since I also bought the latest Hinoi Team single it also had a poster because I ordered the first press edition, so the package would have been of this size anyway :).

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