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New Album:
Artist discographies: Ayumi Hamasaki | the GazettE | Hirano Aya | Perfume
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  05:00:57 am, Categories: Perfume , Tags: album, new album, perfume, triangle
More info (July 18th): The album has reached first place on Oricon Weekly Album ranking with 210576 copies sold! Congratulations!! (Second place was the album Ring from Kato Miliyah with 150768 copies, so Perfume was well in front) More info (July… more »


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4.8 stars
Comment from: Rad
3 stars

Perfume is cool, but their concerts are way too polite, and their music is just, well, “normal” compared to, say, Tsunku of Hello! Project.

05/22/09 @ 01:13
Comment from: Myumyu
5 stars

Well, if they don’t put the PV of the songs, it is because the PV were in the limited edition of their single ^^
I can’t wait their new album, as usual the limited edition will be hard to get

05/29/09 @ 06:01
Comment from: peter  

The limited edition hard to get? I’ve already pre-ordered it ^^

05/29/09 @ 07:10
Comment from: Tin
5 stars

I came D:


I’ve been trying to find a preview somewhere…
What I’ve heard of NIGHT FLIGHT Blows my face off.

Jutt one more month T~T

06/05/09 @ 20:11
Comment from: Andy
5 stars

Perfume is probably the best techno group there is. I pre-ordered it, and I just can’t wait for it to come out!

And don’t talk about other music groups like Hello! Project(ew) in a blog dedicated to Perfume.

I’m so glad Perfume has come this far

06/29/09 @ 09:39
Comment from: Will  
5 stars

I just love Perfume!!
Im really a huge fan!!
To bad I can’t buy the album.. *cries*

But Im fine as long as I van download the songs ^^
Hearing their music makes my pain go away, and dancing there dances makes me really happy!! (though some dances are really hard.. But wont stop till I know them all!! Cant w8 for all the new dances!)

07/07/09 @ 18:31
Comment from: John Steed
5 stars

I find their music to be both FANTASTIC & VERY hard to obtain, Ive had to get record store guys to put CD’s & dvd’s in the mail from Hokkaido & wait weeks for delivery but its worth it, Perfume & Mihimaru GT are my 2 favourite groups right now, which amazes me quite a bit, as I live in the US,speak no Japanese & have never been to Japan. I stumbled across their music on Youtube & have been going WAY out of my way to buy it from Internet & Ebay vendors as there is nothing of theirs available locally, I really think Perfume & Mihimaru GT could be as big in the US now, as Falco & Nena were back in the 1980’s when the music is this good, the language it is in does not matter ….

07/09/09 @ 01:58
Comment from: peter  

@John Steed: you can still easily buy music and dvds from both artists on YesAsia, CDJapan or PlayAsia. They all ship to the US.

07/09/09 @ 04:48
Comment from: coolio
5 stars

It’s easy to get Perfume’s CDs from CD Japan (

07/15/09 @ 22:08
Comment from: John Steed
5 stars

Well, SOME of their music is easy to get but Triangle CD+ DVD sold out in 6hours online, worldwide, & the Limited edition was the only CD + DVD album version available. Even the sources mentioned like cd asia had nothing & were sold out by 12:00 noon my time on July 8 when truiangle was released, when they say limited edition, they seem to mean it & ONLY the limited editions bring the music videos which are CRITICAL for non Japaneese speakers like me I was kicking myself for a couple of weeks as I ended up having to wait till an ebayer had one I was able to buy 2 weeks later, & its still in the mail from Tokyo, but thats fine. Mihimarus Hero Video was INCREDIBLE in that not only was it VERY creative with great music but just like the in the Perfume Disco Disco video, non Japaneese speakers could relate to the song & its story line without speaking a word of Japaneese, making the song format moe like Opera, with Aida, Die Fledermaus & Das Rheingold, the visuals allow a wider audience to grasp the story, and are even portable with the Ipod Touch & car DVD players, as long as I do not try to watch videos, when I am driving. Thats why its CD + DVD for me and not DVD only as keeping my eyes on the road is still a VERY good use for the cd version & why I always buy both when its a Perfume or Mihimaru album :^)……….
Triangle though did finally get me to discover cd Asia and the source mentioned & I now go there first, & they seem to be a good place to get the albums that are still in print & new stuff, but ive learned my lesson, next time perfume releases an album, order the limited edition online, at 2am , on the day they release it………..
Hopefully they will start having regular edition cd+dvd issues that dont have limits on how many they will sell…

07/17/09 @ 18:46
Comment from: peter  

Sold out in 6 hours? I had actually forgot to order it after seeing it appear on YesAsia, and I pre-ordered it a week after it was put on the site and I still easily got a CD+DVD version. If you wait 3-4 weeks then it does get tricky to get.
I’ve been listening to japanese music for 5 years now and although I did learn some japanese in the meantime, I still don’t understand most what they are singing about and it doesn’t bother me at all. It means that artists like Ayumi Hamasaki can get a message across through their singing and the music even though you don’t understand the words. That’s what makes music good, when language is not an obstacle. Many people have problems with that though.
I have also ordered from CDJapan, but combined with their shipping costs, they tend to be a bit more expensive than YesAsia. CDJapan sometimes has free special items with first press edition though (like posters), which YesAsia doesn’t have or charge extra shipping for the poster. And CDJapan usually ships faster than YesAsia. So it’s a little bit of finding the middle between them.

07/18/09 @ 06:06

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  01:14:18 am, Categories: Ayumi Hamasaki , Tags: 9th, album, ayumi, hamasaki
Title: GUILTY Release dates: January 1st 2008: Japan Info: I think it's an interesting title ;p Versions + Tracklisting CD version (First press: with Special Photo Book) AVCD-23504 (3150yen) 1. Mirror (1:56) 2. (don't) Leave me alone (4:16)… more »


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2 ratings
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4.0 stars
Comment from: Tenzan  

Huzzah! I must say the CD only cover is
ugly (don’t pros take hundreds of shots
for something like this??) but as a
decade-long Ayu fan, I hope GUILTY is
a good one. Saw her on CNN once – she
actually speaks English quite well, don’t
know why her album tracks are so…
Engrish. Nice post!

12/18/07 @ 22:16

hihi..i have got the album already
wrote a review about Guilty..
overall my comment: Guilty is not the best album but it has nice tracks like Marionette..and Mirror!!!:)

feel free to browse my blog

01/07/08 @ 05:13

Your review and description are great. I am not even from Japan but you convinced me to listen to this nice lady over here.

01/28/08 @ 12:01
Comment from: Kath3nay
4 stars

This album isn’t getting too many great reviews, but it actually is pretty good. This album is darker than some of her others - I’m a little scared of Marionette (prelude), but still great overall.

03/16/08 @ 14:41
Comment from: Swallowtail  
4 stars

Well her voice more mature and i love marionette some kinda empress yumi dark side cool calm begone har har har

06/07/08 @ 01:12

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