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Gotten my pre-ordered singles the 27th, had them sent to my hotel, so I had 2 handshake tickets in my pocket, so I went off early to Odaiba. I arrived about 1.5 hours before the exchange of the tickets and got off at the stop at Venus Fort. Since Mega Web wasn't open yet, I had go around the back of the building, but when I approached the back of Zepp Tokyo there was already a staff member guiding me towards the front where there were already a lot of people queuing. Since I didn't know much about how all this was going to happen, I had to keep my eyes and ears open as to how this was going to go down. So at 10h, the line started to move to go up to the counter and exchange the vouchers that came with the single for an entrance ticket and handshake tickets. I saw several people with many vouchers, and as I didn't know how the handshake would be, I wanted to be sure and bought an extra CD, so I had 3 handshake tickets. I had 4 members that I wanted to shake hands with (Serina, Kohara Haruka, Noro Kayo and Ohori Megumi) but I was also thinking of not spending too much money, so I kept it at 3.

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