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Archives for: April 2011


  12:44:53 pm, Categories: Idoling!!!
This episode shows part of their second Shinahachi Live in NGK in Osaka. And this time we're the highly anticipated live performances of Yarakai Heart, Queen Bee ~Shoujo no jidai kara~ and Ichikoi. The fourth song was the old song "friend". The episode… more »

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  12:44:44 am, Categories: Idoling!!!
And they've fooled the girls again thinking it was going to Zeiin Itadakimasu Quiz. But it's the graduation episode of chief AD Nishida, this time called Nishi-yan ^^. And Masuno is singing again to the song played in the background xD Uematsu AD also… more »

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  12:35:46 am, Categories: Idoling!!! , Tags: idoling dodgeball
One Member Idoling!!! Wars: Dodgeball: #24 Nomoto Manami more »

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  02:50:18 am, Categories: J-Pop & J-Rock
So it's finally going to happen, and this time for real ;p They've announced it several times in the past (and put it on my blog), but this it's real :-) Dates for the time being are London (June 28th), Paris (July 1st) and Berlin (July 4th). More… more »

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