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Merry Christmas everyone!
I'll be going to Tokyo again for New Year celebrations from Dec 27th until January 9th and I've got some awesome stuff lining up! ;p
This will be the first I will not be using reseller shops for concert tickets! (maybe just 1 but I'm not sure yet). I've been in Ayumi Hamasaki's TeamAyu fanclub for about a year now so I was able to get into the ticket lottery for the Countdown Live tickets and I won 1 ticket for the 31st concert! I might go for a ticket for the 30th as well,but I'm not sure yet. I want spare a little bit of money ;p

Then I have the Idoling!!! part. They are doing their 9th Live (twice!) and Countdown Live concert on the same day, the 31st! That's 3 concerts! Unfortunately, due to Ayumi Hamasaki's Countdown Live, I can't go to Idoling's Countdown Live, and due to time constraints, I'm only doing the first 9th Live concert! But I've been able to secure 2 tickets for frst 9th live (one for a friend), one for the second 9th live (for friend) and one for CDL (for friend). All fanclub tickets,so they should be good seats.
Idoling's last Shinahachi Live in december is the 26th, and I'm only arriving the 28th, BUT Shinahachi Live is also in January, the first two being on the 7th and 8th, and I'm only leaving Japan on the 9th! So I've also got tickets those two!
And it doesn't stop there! Luck has it that Yazawa Erika (my favorite Idoling member) is having a DVD release event on January 8th at Ishimaru! (even though the dvd was already released on Dec 18th) So lucky me! I pre-ordered 2 copies of the DVD at Ishimaru for the event participation. It is typical for such events that if you buy more copies (of the same dvd) you get more in return. One copy gets you a signed cover. Two copies gets you a signed cover and one chekki (a chekki is like a polaroid photo) together with her! There were also 3- and 4-copy things,but didn't find those really necessary. I'll have my picture together with her, so that's enough for me! And there's a photo session for everyone anyway to take pictures of her in turns. Now I'll need to see that I'm early on the day to get my event ticket, which will then be randomly chosen for the order to enter the event hall. I hope I'll be able to get somewhere in front ;p.
There's only one more thing that I can hope for about Idoling, and that is a studio recording, as they're usually in the beginning and middle of the month. But since it's the holidays break and January usually has Futarikkiringu episodes (1 member with Masuno) there aren't many studio episodes, but I keep checking the site and hoping :-)

Besides all these concerts and events, I'll also go to Comiket 79 like last year. Apart from that, the usual sight seeing (although I know Tokyo already pretty well ;p), but I'll be taking lots of pictures and videos and try myself some timelapse videos again, but this time using my new tripod ;p.

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