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  10:18:35 am, Categories: Ayumi Hamasaki , Tags: mini album

For her 15th anniversary as a singer, Ayumi Hamasaki will release a single/album every month from November until April, starting with a mini album called "LOVE" on November 8th 2012. The song "Song 4 u" is the theme song for the game "Tales Of Xillia2".

Love [CD+DVD] (Type A)
Catalog: AVCD-48590
Price: 2300yen
01. Song 4 u (Original mix)
02. Meloy (Original mix)
03. Missing (Original mix)
04. You & Me (Remo-con rmx ? Extended)
05. You & Me (SHINICHI OSAWA remix)
06. Song 4 u (Orchestra version)
07. Melody (remix)
08. Missing (remix)
09. Song 4 u (Instrumental)
10. Melody (Instrumental)
11. Missing (Instrumental)
12. You & Me (Instrumental)

01.Song 4 u (video clip)
02.Melody (video clip)
03.Song 4 u (making clip)

Love [CD] (Type B)
Catalog: AVCD-48591
Price: 1500yen
CD: same as Type A

Love [CD] (Tales edition)
Catalog: AVCD-48592
Price: 1500yen
CD: same as Type A

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  03:53:32 pm, Categories: Anime, Japan

Most awesome video of the return of the Gundam statue at the newly opened DiverCity Tokyo in Odaiba. The statue was already finished back in January when I was there the last time, but now it has been officially unveiled together with the new shopping & entertainment complex.
Can't wait to see the statue in action myself next month! Enjoy!

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  05:35:36 pm, Categories: J-Pop & J-Rock, Idols, Tokyo 2011 (New Year)

Gotten my pre-ordered singles the 27th, had them sent to my hotel, so I had 2 handshake tickets in my pocket, so I went off early to Odaiba. I arrived about 1.5 hours before the exchange of the tickets and got off at the stop at Venus Fort. Since Mega Web wasn't open yet, I had go around the back of the building, but when I approached the back of Zepp Tokyo there was already a staff member guiding me towards the front where there were already a lot of people queuing. Since I didn't know much about how all this was going to happen, I had to keep my eyes and ears open as to how this was going to go down. So at 10h, the line started to move to go up to the counter and exchange the vouchers that came with the single for an entrance ticket and handshake tickets. I saw several people with many vouchers, and as I didn't know how the handshake would be, I wanted to be sure and bought an extra CD, so I had 3 handshake tickets. I had 4 members that I wanted to shake hands with (Serina, Kohara Haruka, Noro Kayo and Ohori Megumi) but I was also thinking of not spending too much money, so I kept it at 3.

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  07:57:08 pm, Categories: Anime, J-Pop & J-Rock

Seems I'll be doing more of these anime conventions from now on :-) After New York Anime Festival in October 2010, this year I'm going to Japan Expo in Paris. Main attractions for me will be May'n and PASSPO, and in the same weekend X Japan is performing in Paris as well, so that a perfect combination! Still more artists are being announced that are coming to Japan Expo so maybe some interesting surprises :-)
Let's hope some more interesting industry guests will be announced, but I'm gonna try to get everyone's signature if there's a signing :-) I'll be there from Friday July 1st till Sunday July 3rd.

Japan Expo Website

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  12:44:53 pm, Categories: Idoling!!!

This episode shows part of their second Shinahachi Live in NGK in Osaka. And this time we're the highly anticipated live performances of Yarakai Heart, Queen Bee ~Shoujo no jidai kara~ and Ichikoi. The fourth song was the old song "friend". The episode starts off with a little bit of backstage preparation.

I really liked the full Yarakai Heart dance, having now seen the other choreography from the PV. Too bad they have to hold their mikes to sing, so the moves from the PV are halved to just one hand.

Queen Bee was very sexy K-Pop style dance. Normally Yurippe was in the Queen Bee group too, but she was absent, so the choreography was apparently changed a little. But nevertheless it has a lot of potential with some hot moves from Yokoyama and Okawa. Asahi didn't really fit in the group though.

Then came Ichikoi, the song from team Gakuran being Goto and Asahi who are playing guys. They've been doing this act since the Meniwa Aoba Yama Hotogisu Hatsukoi PV and now have their own song. They try to act like men with their clothes, moves and speech ;p I really hope Gocchan comes back in 6 months, because she did very well. I liked her voice better than Asahi's in this live.

And this Shinahachi Live in NGK ended with a nice rendition of friend by the whole group.

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  12:44:44 am, Categories: Idoling!!!

And they've fooled the girls again thinking it was going to Zeiin Itadakimasu Quiz.
But it's the graduation episode of chief AD Nishida, this time called Nishi-yan ^^. And Masuno is singing again to the song played in the background xD Uematsu AD also joins to participate in the quiz as he would know Nishida good.

First question is the full name of Nishida, which everyone except Uematsu had wrong xD

Second question is which member Nishida had a first bad moment with (I think ;p).

Third question is which person he likes the most ;p Hint being a name with 3 kanji. Final hint starts with S. But everyone was in it on this question to let Sakacchi think it was her, while it was Saori, the assitant producer xD

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